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Your computer isn’t just another piece of furniture you stack your mess on and take to the curb with a “FREE” sign taped on when your mother-in-law gives you her old one. It’s a companion you work, play, compete, communicate, research, explore, create, tinker, shop, and meme with, to name a few of your memories together. But what has YOUR computer been up ‘till now? A box. Sometimes a sharp box, sometimes a round box. Sometimes a bulging box, sometimes a confused box, and sometimes a boxy box that looks like the tax code with the covers and corners cut squarely off to make it perfectly, officiously box-like in every aspect. A box without personality.

Now, if a box without personality is all you wanted to take on adventures, a toaster oven would do just fine. But a toaster oven on an adventure makes for a poor companion; it’s less than it should be, just like your life with an impersonal computer. Sure the Ring of Doom would be powerful on it’s own without having a personality, but where would the power be in the moment Frodo reaches the end of his journey, tosses the ring in the molten magma, and walks away saying “easy come, easy go”?

Like a fish in too small a tank, an impersonal computer is something you’ve gotten used to because you didn’t have anything better. Well now you do.

The wheel of time has rolled past the days of being happy when your PC only took 20 minutes to boot up in the morning, to the point where you can be upset over more than a few seconds of buffering- standards have changed. You’ve been using your computer long enough to know that what you want from it is speed without speed bumps— like crashing unexpectedly because an impersonal computer isn’t going to tell you when it’s overheating. But what if you could surf smoother by interacting with your computer on a whole new level? 10 years from now you might find yourself saying, “Yeah, back then an impersonal computer somehow never bothered us. It was like lead paint and asbestos, we just kinda lived with it.” Live life without wishing you’d lived it better, starting now.


So, You’re building a new kind of PC...?

Yes! From design to interface and functionality, we’re bringing a new and improved iteration of the personal computer. Not Star Trek levels right away, but moving that direction.

CNC metal.jpg

And you have to dance around what those features are because... patents?

Correct. Because the appeal of what we’re bringing is not that it does something the same way as you’re used to, but better, but rather it has new features unlike how the PC is currently imagined and produced, we can’t broadcast those ideas until we’re close to filing patents, gaining the legal protection for those ideas to turn them into a profitable business.

Okay, that’s great. Is there anything you can tell me about it right now?

As you’ve been able to see from recent photos of the prototype, there’s going to be a lot more curves in the chassis design than you’re used to. The prototype is green, but we will also offer the case colors in red, blue, purple, and yellow. While the prototype is made from other materials to cut costs where we can, the PCs cases will be made from extruded aluminum. Much like a keyboard recently released by Logitech, it will, in it’s own special way, react to various inputs, such as what’s going on in the game you’re playing. There will be both a Gaming Class and a Workstation Class.

And what if I think of more questions?

Please feel free to reach out to us on social media or with any and all questions you have! We will update this as we notice patterns in what everyone is curious about, and as we’re able to share more!