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Defined by intensity and constant striving for excellence, Enoch’s approach to marketing, Starcraft, and the rest of life is work hard, play hard. He grew up homeschooled, spending his paper route money on used books from the library, and has taken the roads less traveled all the way since. In a rural community where most people had never heard of anime, he began introducing people to it and building an impressive library. In a town where gaming was something you didn’t admit to in public, he pursued careers in League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm, which have ultimately brought him to Atomic Martians.

He aims to deliver quality content that you look forward to, and to help support content creators to keep producing high-quality blends of information and entertainment.

His interests are varied, from falling madly in love with Starcraft Broodwar, to owning a manga collection of over 1600 volumes, to becoming an Eagle Scout and wrestling captain. He will drop just about anything for a game of either ultimate frisbee or axis and allies, plays piano just enough to fool people into thinking he knows what he’s doing, sings in his church’s choir, knits hats when the fancy takes him, and writes when time allows.

Combined, Enoch brings with him a unique skill set that allows him to create well-crafted entertainment while understanding what the gaming consumers want and deserve from their products.

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