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Since a very young age Neal has always been intrigued with how things work or how they are made so he would dissect them to try and figure them out. When he was very young he was intrigued with reel-to-reel tape players, however they were very expensive which meant it was absolutely out of the realm of any possibility to buy one. So, he decided to take a portable cassette player and redesign it to make his own version of a reel-to-reel tape machine. His mother was, to say the least, not so happy- being that it was a fairly new tape player. This fascination with how things work led Neal on a path of engineering and physics; and in 1978, During his high school days, Neal constructed a solar powered ignition system for model rocketry and won first place in the science fair at Washington University.

Years later he started his career in the automotive industry with a degree in Automotive Technology. “I have always had a deep passion for physics, mechanical and computer related advancements. I have had the pleasure (sometimes aggravation) of experiencing the stepping stones Of the introduction of computers to the automotive industry and seeing them propel from Infancy to the degree of the autonomous cars that we have today. I look forward to being Involved with future innovations in technology to any degree.”

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